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Brett Weston was designed as a project for an art show of Brett Westons desert series taken in 1930's. Brett Weston was a traditional photographer who photographed most of his images in black and white on large format cameras. His favorite format was the 11x14 and in that tradition the design for the poster is that size.
Motor Cyclist magazine was a project to emulate and make improvements to a national magazine currently on the newsstand. This magazine is an all inclusive assignment to write, photograph, and design all elements that contribute to the look of the magazine without drastically altering its appearance from that of the original.
Modifier is an exercise to take and adjective and object and show them in progression from most to least identifiable. The most recognizable image focuses on a large text or image as an advertising selling point. The two most unrecognizable images are focused on distorting the text in size and shape to create a less obvious understanding of the text.
As a sports photographer at the NorthWind student newspaper I photographed a variety of sports ranging from division three college football to olympic short track speed skating. This banner was designed to promote the sports photography of mine that was published in the NorthWind in 2005.
The wildcat season hockey calendar is a calendar to show members of the Northern Michigan University hockey team and their game schedule. This calendar is not the traditional twelve month, but rather a calendar for hockey fanatics that only displays the seven months of season.
The business system of PhotoScene was designed for a small company who does in house and on site photography for groups and events. Because the business is just starting out and had a small client base it was designed to be of minimal use of color for less expensive printing costs and easier reproduction.
The business system was designed as a class prototype for the DeVos Art Museum at Northern Michigan University. The design is based on a thought process of seeing art in a new way. I also considered that the art museum would be displaying all types of art in a postmodern building with industrial influences.
The business system of ANTS was designed for the Association of Non-Traditional Students at Northern Michigan University. This group is made up of college students over the age of twenty-four who have decided to attend college to further their learning after starting a family or going down other avenues.
This design is for Superior Light Opera Association a group who presents comical stage plays. Their major emphasis is putting on Gilbert and Sullivan plays with laughable plots. In this design I used the influence of their drawings for the poster and tickets and colorized one of them to serve as the central figure.
Michigan Wildlife E-Magazine is a magazine designed to be portable over the internet with the possibility of subscribing to a printed version. This magazine is meant to teach people about the wild animals living in Michigan that they may or may not see on a daily basis.